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Sun Dog Days

Joy Russell

“Joy Russell has been singing for many years now and has delighted audiences from far afield with her performances whether it be with a rock, soul, blues, or reggae bands…she’s been in a few. She started off on her own in her teens with an acoustic guitar but it wasn’t long before she was asked to sing with a procession of local acts.

She went on to work with several original and cover acts and got involved in recording projects and working as a session singer. In the nineties she was invited to work with Martin Barre of ‘Jethro Tull’ and toured with his blues band in England, Holland and Germany and sang on three of his solo albums…good times! One of her favourite line-ups was with a wonderful Pink Floyd Tribute act; ‘Masque’, where she got to lay all her emotions on the table performing ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ in particular and performing next to her husband ‘Norm’ who plays guitar. More recently she was thrilled to have the opportunity of singing several shows with bass players Marco Mendoza from ‘Whitesnake’ and T.M. Stevens from the US who has played with so many greats including James Brown!

Now on occasion, you can catch her belting it out with a great rhythm and blues band; ‘The Jury’, or sharing vocals and crazy dance routines with the infamous soul band; ‘The Orphans’. Both bands based in Weston-Super-Mare are full of fun and you very rarely see her without a smile on her face.

Working with Andy Lawrence in Sun Dog Days has been a real treat giving her now textured, deeper and expressive voice, space to move and float. Joy has always been one of those performers that lights up the stage. She sings from the heart, you can feel every word. She has been known to make grown men cry but always jokes that her performance wasn’t that bad!”

Andy Lawrence

“Andy Lawrence has been playing the keyboards and composing since his teens and he has been on and off the local music scene ever since.
He spent many years playing alongside Joy in ‘Masque’, the Pink Floyd tribute band where he was able to showcase his sound-scaping abilities.
Andy has also played live skanking it up with local Ska legends ‘Wally and the Stompers’ and the second incarnation of the mighty ‘Heartland Reggae’.
Previously Andy has also worked with Joy in his original music projects ‘The Fobia Project’ and ‘The Earthlings’, recording two albums together.
He isn’t your stereotypical piano player and being self-taught, he has developed his own style by not following the crowd.
Sun Dog Days is the first time Andy has performed as a duo with the stripped back sound of just vocal and piano.
This has enabled him to refine his playing and rekindle his love of composition.
He has also enjoyed interpreting the songs of musicians he has worked with in the past in
addition to the many covers Sun Dog Days perform live.

Andy has been sub consciously writing Sun Dog Day’s debut album for the past 25 years and
is looking forward to performing it live and receiving people’s